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General information

 Tech Information guarantees on-line access to the Technical Information necessary for repairs and maintenance of IVECO vehicles and IRISBUS buses.

The data on this site are supplied purely for informational purposes and may not be up to date due to modifications made by the Manufacturer for technical or commercial reasons or due to adaptations required by laws in force in different countries. 

The repair and maintenance operations of IVECO vehicles and IRISBUS buses described in the technical information published on the Site must be carried out only by mechanics with specialised training in the relevant areas, using the necessary tools and equipment. IVECO S.p.A. shall not be held responsible for the results of any operations performed using said technical information as a reference.



Technical requirements for Site access


The site requires use of the following:



  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later


Other programs:

  • Adobe Flash Player 
  • Adobe Reader



Connection/access method


Site registration is required in order to access the technical information.


In order to register you must accept the Contractual Conditions for use of the Site.


The registration process for Mechanics and Independent Operators mainly requires personal data and contact details to be entered; a password must then be chosen which will be used for all subsequent access to the site.


For Euro 5 and later vehicles, in compliance with Regulation (EC) 715/2007 and Regulation (EC) 692/2008, free consultation is available in order to check beforehand for the existence of information assisting the mechanic; this has been maintained for Euro 4 and earlier vehicles as well, although they are not included in the specified EC regulations.


Furthermore, reprogramming and configuration of electronic components and/or control units is available for vehicles certified Euro 5 and above (not earlier): payment is made on-line per transaction.


For on-line transaction-based payments, the prices depend on the type of operation and component: the prices for transaction-based services are available in the relevant section.


Access to the information is possible by purchasing one of the available subscriptions (choice of varying durations), which starts only when activated by the customer. Subscription length depends only on the type of subscription purchased and is independent of the number of times the Site is accessed.


If the user 

  • does not activate the subscription
  • or does not make use of the purchased transaction-based item


within a specified time limit (see Contractual Conditions), that subscription and/or transaction-based item shall expire and no refundof any type shall be due to the user.